blue-icon-1A national nonprofit, providing both direct service and advocacy, was struggling with sustainability. They sought a greater impact through increased advocacy and an expanded service model.

During a long-term consultancy, OMG! guided the Board and senior management team through the organization’s transition into a strong advocacy organization.  National issues were addressed and a restructuring plan provided direct service to a number of locations.

  • Board composition changed to include a diverse group of committed members.
  • The mission and focus of the organization was redefined.
  • Bylaws which reflected a plan for good governance were enacted.
  • A new organizational plan, structure and operating budget were developed.
  • Staff and Board were trained in roles and responsibilities.
  • A sustainability plan was developed which included fundraising goals, a national advocacy agenda and volunteer team development as essential components.

As a result, measurable positive change in the organizational culture was experienced by the reinvigorated staff and Board.