blue-icon-2A prominent statewide technical service organization began asking the important questions. Is our business model still working? Are we still relevant? The organization engaged OMG!’s Audrey Winkler to explore the future sustainability of the organization and determine whether or not it was meeting the needs of the nonprofit community given the economic reality of a sharp decline in funding.

During the assignment OMG!

  • conducted more than 100 confidential one-on-one interviews in order to evaluate the organization through the eyes of its stakeholders, including funders, staff, board members, donors, clients and professionals across the state;
  • prepared an in-depth presentation on the interview process and findings;
  • evaluated a variety of models for sustainability and identified organizations for collaboration;
  • coached the Board and Executive Director on using decision making tools to make informed, prompt decisions; and
  • provided a final report with key findings and recommended options for continued sustainability.

The results of the assessment were presented at a Board Retreat, with a subsequent follow up half-day retreat to decide on the direction of the organization.  An implementation and action began on a dual track.

  • The Board decided that given the absence of critical leadership into the future, they would pursue collaboration or merger discussions with a like nonprofit organization identified by OMG!
  • An implementation plan for improving the current program was initiated.

In addition, based on numerous comments throughout the interview process, a decision was made to reform the practice of hosting an annual gala and review other types of events that are more appropriate during the process of transition.

Audrey was the catalyst and facilitator for the subsequent successful merger with another organization in which the skill sets and constituencies complemented each other and jointly furthered their success in meeting the needs of a larger nonprofit community.