blue-icon-2A large social service organization was experiencing significant challenges in efficiency, effectiveness as well as the sustainability of the organization. OMG! was engaged to conduct an organizational assessment to identify and address areas of challenge. During the same period, OMG! worked together with associate consultants who were conducting a strategic planning initiative.

Beginning with confidential interviews, OMG!’s organizational assessment highlighted both positive aspects and future challenges. Three key areas of concern became apparent:

  • internal communication,
  • leadership accountability, and
  • human resources standards.

OMG! developed three Collaboration Groups with each group focusing on one area of concern. The groups were comprised of Board members and a cross section of staff, with OMG! facilitating the collective effort.

The Collaboration Groups reported their recommendations to senior leadership, who implemented many of the suggested changes including:

  • increased transparency in communications to staff and development of consistent messaging;
  • the development of an HR Policies and Procedure Manual, including leadership accountability standards, hiring standards, and an onboarding process to improve staff retention;
  • improved standards for safety and security; and
  • staff training and career growth opportunities.

Overall, with the shift towards better internal communication, improved management processes and a continued culture of learning and training, the organization anticipated a marked increase in productivity, sustainability and successful outcomes in fulfilling its mission.