blue-icon-4A regional arts organization was seeing very little growth in either audience or revenue. OMG! provided strategies for adaptive planning that focused on resources, skills, experience, tools, and technology.

OMG! conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the organization’s management team, staff and operations.

  • Internal cultural issues linked to leadership changes were analyzed.
  • Management and staff conflicts and issues were assessed.
  • Document workflow processes were analyzed.
  • Staff and organizational capabilities were measured and lists of required skill sets and performance measurements were established.
  • A series of workshops for the management team were designed and presented.

Within months, the newly restructured organization witnessed an increase in productivity as well as more effective outcomes.

  • An emerging talent pipeline was supported through strengthened staff competencies and accountability.
  • A plan was designed plan to align operating expenses with funding realities.
  • Internal leadership improved.
  • Technical capacity building grew.
  • New challenges were met with prompt decisive action by management.