blue-icon-5An organization providing leadership, education, and advocacy to support families across the country had experienced a major change in its leadership. At the same time,

  • the loss of an aging major donor severely limited its revenue stream;
  • a shift in Board membership significantly impacted the organizational culture and strained the relationships among Board members, senior management and staff; and
  • the organization’s programming and service delivery method was no longer meeting the needs of its constituency

OMG! was engaged to help the organization weather the change through this transition in leadership and societal movement. A variety of needs assessment, organizational restructuring and training activities were conducted by OMG!

  • The new Executive Director received training on how to apply basic decision making tools and techniques so that prompt, impactful decisions could be made.
  • Coaching on relationship building between the Board and Executive Director strengthened the leadership team.
  • Organizational management structure and effectiveness were examined, with an emphasis on budgeting and cost savings.
  • The Board members received coaching on their roles and responsibilities in governing the organization including strengthening fundraising efforts.

As a result, OMG! provided a framework in which

  • the leadership could focus on fulfilling its refocused vision and mission;
  • a more healthy organizational culture was established;
  • operational costs were reduced by establishing a virtual work-space outside of the facility; providing greater flexibility in employees’ schedules; and
  • new programming was developed to align with evolving family needs.