“Audrey came highly recommended as a top notch speaker to lead off a series of not-for-profit seminars for our clients.  She was awesome as she presented an interactive session, Look in the Mirror: Five Key Steps to Perform an Internal Organizational Assessment, featuring case studies and hands-on activities that could be shared with colleagues looking to move their organizations forward.  We got great feedback on the presentation. Audrey’s solid expertise in all aspects of not-for-profit management, together with her ability to connect with her audience, makes her the perfect speaker.”

– Kathleen Clayton, Principal, The Spire Group


“Thank you, Audrey, for the very extensive evaluation of FJCC’s needs and sustainability. The Board was so impressed by the level of detail in your report with well-documented research on community demographics and operational costs of new programming. This goes a long way towards streamlining their decision-making process.  The large number of interviews conducted across a wide range of stakeholders provided valuable insights into FJCC’s culture and community perception which will certainly help direct our efforts towards invigoration, innovation and sustainability.”

– Joni Center, Executive Director, Friedberg Jewish Community Center


“At a time when funding for nonprofits was shrinking, your guidance was instrumental in helping our Board and management team reflect on some tough questions about our longevity.  Your in-depth assessment provided us with realistic options for both improvements in our current operations as well as options for collaborating with other groups.  In the end, you began the first steps in facilitating our successful merger with another organization in which both groups were able to strengthen their financial resources and commitment to their mission. Many, thanks OMG!”

– Heather Robinson, Executive Director, Partnership in Philanthropy


“Audrey helped us during a very challenging time in the agency. We were experiencing multi-faceted challenges as a result of leadership transition, along with an experience and education gap. Her ability to gain the trust of the board and staff, her expertise in conducting confidential interviews and assessments, along with on-target recommendations for new operating practices helped us get back on track.”

– Peter Herbst, Board Chair, Jersey City Child Development Centers, Inc. (Head Start)


“Stage Directions magazine called Audrey Winkler a smooth operator owing to her management style, operations efficiency and successful team building skills. “For the Vice President of Operations and Real Estate at a New Jersey Arts Center, respect and trust are not just admirable traits; they are the backbone of her professional life.”

STAGE Directions Magazine, Opening Act


“Having worked with Audrey over the past seven years on several challenging and varied projects I recommend her for exactly that- Challenging and Varied Projects! She has provided the utmost expertise, experience and out of the box thinking that I have needed at times. She has also dug deep into the boxes when reviewing expense management, operational planning and departmental organization. What I love most is her style. Professional, friendly, direct, a very strong negotiator and organized. I would recommend her for any project large or small.”

– Ross Richards, VP Operations and Real Estate, New Jersey Performing Arts Center


“We engaged Audrey to conduct an assessment of community leaders’ attitudes and perceptions toward our organizational shift to being a direct service provider. A challenging charge to accept in our market, yet Audrey was absolutely remarkable in her ability to gain access to top level leadership and engage them in meaningful discussion that yielded real insights. She presented her findings in a cogent and succinct style to our Board which led to quick development of strategies followed by concrete action.”

– Tom Toronto, President, Bergen County’s United Way


“Audrey conducted in-depth, confidential interviews with a cross-section of our staff. Based on these findings, she proposed many difficult yet constructive recommendations. Her work helped us foster opportunities for professional and personal growth for our staff and determine a correct course of action that led to important changes in cultural and organizational structure. Thanks to Audrey, we have improved our management processes, internal communication and increased productivity.”

– Sandra Stark, Chairperson-Board of Directors, Palladia, Inc.


“I have worked with Audrey since the Fall of ’08 on several initiatives for WomenRising, Inc. This work has included one-on-one consultation, management team retreats, a mid-managers’ workshop, follow-up and debriefing sessions via phone and in person. I recently attended a workshop with other nonprofits on “Managing in Difficult Times” at which Audrey was one of the two presenters. Audrey is well-versed in both theory and practice, is always prepared, works to engage participants and challenge them. She brings a depth of experience and understanding to her work with the nonprofit sector and conveys a real interest and concern for the organization with whom she is consulting. Audrey has been positively received by the staff of WomenRising and they have requested she return to do further work with us. I’m pleased to recommend Audrey to other colleagues.”

– Roseann Mazzeo, SC, Executive Director, WomenRising, Inc.


“Your guidance made an enormous difference; it was the catalyst to this successful merger.”

– Antonia Marotta-Brinton, Board Co-Chair, Partnership in Philanthropy (PIP)