blue-icon-3Partnership efforts among organizations are ultimately about ensuring cost effective operations, quality services and outstanding programs to your clients for the long term.

There are many designs for partnerships between organizations – from collaborations and development of joint programs to fully integrated mergers. It is critical to conduct an organizational assessment as the basis for evaluating and developing feasible scenarios for collaboration, partnership or merger. OMG! can provide a full range of services in your exploration as follows:

  • conduct confidential interviews with key stakeholders and supportive associates to delve into the short-term and long-term potential for your organization;
  • evaluate the potential for success with respect to a major organizational change; and
  • identify different organizations and a variety of business models that will offer opportunities for improved sustainability.


In addition, OMG! will assist in ensuring the successful implementation of a new business model through

  • facilitation of negotiations between collaborating leadership to establish unified roles, responsibilities and operations;
  • joint staff trainings in change management;
  • joint board governance training and executive leadership coaching; and
  • guidance with the development and monitoring of an annual work plan.

OMG! will help you succeed at the highest level.

Contact us for a complimentary consultation about exploring partnership opportunities that will help support your longevity.