OMG! has helped many organizations to honestly and comprehensively examine their current impact as well as their prospects for continued success for the long run.

Self-assessment, collective group thinking and developing strategic priorities are very difficult without an objective third party who can help cultivate the ideas, provide real time feedback and speak from experience about how best to position your organization for future success.

Overall Results of the OMG! Problem-Solving Process –
A Reinvigorated, Innovative Organization!

  • Organizations operate from a shared sense of direction with improved sustainability.
  • Individuals and organizations become more effective and efficient.
  • Teams work cohesively and respectfully within a positive culture of constructive comment.
  • Staff use new decision making tools to plan, implement action steps and make impactful decisions.
  • Cross-training programs provide both professional staff development and greater efficacy for the organization.
  • The organization will greatly increase its attractiveness to funders.


One-on-one confidential interviews with key stakeholders (staff, clients, customers, volunteers, board members, donors, funders) are the basis for the assessment and analysis.   You know your business better than anyone…what you don’t know is what other people think of your organization.

  • These interviews are vital as participants offer information on organizational challenges as well as practical opportunities to address the challenges from a variety of viewpoints.
  • Stakeholders are reinvigorated by the organization’s commitment to improvement and the recognition that their thoughts and opinions are valued in that effort.
  • Information gathered from these interviews can reveal unique perspectives on
  • underutilized assets;
  • leadership challenges;
  • workflow and operational blockages; and
  • new ideas and opportunities for growth.

The key findings are succinctly reported back to boards or management teams, grouping organizational challenges and opportunities into appropriate categories such as

  • organizational culture
  • sustainability
  • priorities
  • communication
  • decision-making processes
  • board and senior staff relationship communication
  • management and leadership style
  • personnel issues
  • operational processes and procedures


Utilizing custom designed OMG! assessment tools, the commitment, impact and ultimate sustainability of your organization are assessed.

The information from the confidential interviews, together with an examination of organizational structure, decision making processes, financial operations and current trends in the field, collectively provide answers to:

  • What is the outcome you are looking for and how well are you reaching your goals?
  • Is your organizational culture healthy and supportive of reaching these goals?
  • How can governance and management teams become more effective?
  • Are there gaps in operations that inhibit productivity?
  • How are others providing this service?
  • Is your business model effective?
  • Which programs provide the most impact to the community?


OMG! will create an action plan, with clear, attainable goals, to help your organization overcome its challenges and advance its mission. We can…

  • demonstrate conflict resolution techniques;
  • design a more effective organizational plan/chart;
  • use customized tools that improve staff skill sets, accountability and performance standards;
  • provide guidance in applying decision making tools and techniques;
  • cultivate emerging leaders to build bench strength; and
  • create a culture of constructive comment.