blue-icon-4Sustainability planning is not just about securing a future revenue stream;  it is about ensuring that your organization’s projects and programs can continue to provide well needed services in the long run  to those most in need.

With knowledge, experience and proven success in conducting sustainability initiatives, OMG! will use customized assessment tools to help you answer fundamental questions:

  • Do we have a clear vision for the future?
  • How are other like organizations providing this service?
  • Is our business model still effective after all these years?
  • Are we maximizing our resources in the most efficient and effective method?
  • Is our management team working together to foster emerging leaders?

With a direct, common sense approach OMG! will develop an individualized comprehensive sustainability plan that will

  • determine priorities that need to be addressed;
  • create solutions to challenges with streamlined implementation goals;
  • provide tools to become better decision makers and problem solvers;
  • strengthen management teams;
  • infuse a healthy culture;
  • cultivate staff, your most precious resource; and
  • help to facilitate beneficial alliances with other organizations.

OMG! will help you succeed at the highest level.

Contact us for a complimentary consultation about planning for the sustainability of your organization’s programs and financial resources.